S’Mores in 2 ways

S’Mores in 2 ways

An indulgent treat for kids and chocolate lovers! S’mores is a campfire treat well known in US & Canada which consist of graham crackers(here i used tea biscuits), chocolates and marshmallow! It is also known as graham cracker sandwich! Here i’m showing 2 different way of serving this fav summer treat!

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My kids were demanding for this simple chocolate dessert since they saw it on a tv show! I always wonder weather it taste good or not as i’m not a fan of mashmallow, but to my surprize it was too good that even i’ cant resist munching on it! So you can imagine the kid’s excitment!

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The combination of gooey melted marshmallow with silky smooth chocolate and crunchy biscuits are too good guys! This one is a must try !


  • Graham Crackers or Tea biscuits
  • Chocolate ganache or any of your fav chocolate melted with a tbsp of butter
  • Marshmallows

Method please check the video! This is such an easy and amazing treat if you are craving something chocolatey!


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