Surprize Balls.

Surprize Balls.

It’s as simple as 1,2,3!A great way to impress your surprize guest by this surprize treat!You have a sudden guest and some how u arranged your dinner or lunch,but you don’t have any dessert to serve!hmm what to do?

Only you have is some ice cream with you.But you don’t want to serve it like that.Here is an interesting way to serve your ice cream . Your guest will be like what is this man?It’s really tempting and very tasty treat.When they are having their food you can prepare this.

All you need is any flavour of ice cream.Here comes the coating some crushed oreo,nuts and some chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup.Then tools rolling pin,zip lock bag and an ice cream scooper.


  • Ice cream chocolate,vanilla or any 
  • 1 packet oreo or any dark chocolate cookie
  • Nuts of your choice
  • Hershey Strawberry and chocolate syrup


  1. In a zip lock bag throw in your nuts n biscuits and crush it with the help of a rolling pin and put it in a plate and keep it aside.
  2. Scoop out big ball of ice cream and roll this in this crushed biscuit and keep it in freezer immediately after rolling each of them!
  3. When its time to serve put 2 scoops of ice creams in a bowl and drizzle both the sauces and serve.It’s yumm!

Note : You can coat it with whatever you want if you have a brownie , crumble it along with some nuts and do the same.I used vanilla icecream!

Why only for guest ,if you are craving for something crunchy and sweet and cod go and make it and enjoy with your kids and family!

Have fun!

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